Our Services

Share a Smile volunteers plan and conduct special celebrations for local low-income families at youth shelters, libraries, and after-school clubs.

This includes:

  • finalizing event details

  • making and sending invitations/cards to the party guests

  • buying birthday presents and supplies to decorate

  • preparing and bringing sweet treats/cake

  • planning activities to make the child's birthday as special as possible

Volunteers collaborate with organizations periodically to throw a party for all the kids with birthdays in a particular month/season.

In-person Celebration


Our organization also distributes Party-in-a-box kits to hospitals or in other situations when an in-person party may not be preferable. A default party-in-a-box for a family of 4 contains:

  • set of paper/plastic utensils

  • 2 streamer rolls

  • Pack of balloons

  • Pack of confetti

  • Scotch tape

  • Birthday/Event banner

  • Birthday Crown

  • Coloring sheets + supplies

  • Handmade birthday card

  • pack of sweet treats

  • Sticker Sheets

  • 1 Book, Activity, or Toy

Click here to donate towards a party-in-a-box and make a family's day truly special and memorable!